All exhibitors are welcome to present on our Pup Cup Stage. Sponsors will be given preference on time allocations. 

As an exhibitor, we invite you to showcase your services, products and engage the public 

on topics involving correct pet care, grooming, training etc  

Are you a local Vet?

As groomers we admire and appreciate our vets. 

We would love to have a member of your team in attendance for 30 -120 minutes each day to do a presentation on stage to showcase subjects such as:

  • Clinic specialities e.g Orthopaedics or Exotics 

  • Topics of Passion, engage the public with the importance of Dentals, Skin issues, Arthritis, Ear health etc. 

  • Involve them in Q&As or True or False Trivia and heighten the significance of correct health care.


Whether you’re looking to build your practice, engage and inspire your staff, drive product knowledge and sales or simply demonstrate your genuine commitment to professional animal care in Coffs Harbour, we welcome you to to present on our Pup Cup Stage.

Schedule will be available for viewing in July 2020

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