Do I need insurance?

Yes - All businesses participating in the event are required to have Public Liability Insurance of minimum $10 million valid from the date move-in through to the end of move-out.


Who can become a stall holder?

Anyone with a sense of fun, love of dogs and the following is very welcome. Preference is given to products and produce that is pet related. 


Can I share a stall space with another business/company?

Shared spaces are not permitted, if you would like to be placed next to another stallholder please request via email: coffspupcup@gmail.com


How much is a stall, how big will it be and what does it include?

3m x 3m Site $400 (incl gst) - full weekend payment 

Stall holders must provide own equipment and infrastructure to suit a 3m x 3m space.


What are the set up/pack up times?

Friday 31st July (Move in) 9am - 4pm

Saturday 1st August 7.30am - 8pm 

Sunday 2nd August - 7.30am - 6pm

Exhibitors must keep their space clean and tidy to the satisfaction of the event organiser and must not leave rubbish or other material at the venue. Please place any waste in the bins provided. Being a public event, it is advised that all stall holders pack up at the end of Saturday to minimise the risks of theft. *No stall holder is to pack up early without the consent of the event organiser. Health and safety is paramount and must be met at all times.


Contestants and Exhibitors are permitted to bring their dogs.

We invite your dogs to attend with you under these conditions:

All dogs are to be restrained and supervised at all times

All dogs are to be well socialised with other dogs, pets and humans of all ages

All animal waste is to be picked up and placed in the bins provided

All dogs in attendance must be in good health, microchipped, vaccinated and free from parasites


*If your dog is aggressive, known to mark objects, in heat or barks excessively do not bring them​

*All those who attend are entering at their own risk.

The event coordinator reserves the right to refuse access or request those to leave who break the conditions above. 

The public are not permitted to bring their pets. ​


Once you have unloaded and unpacked, we ask that you move your vehicle to the nearby car park.



The event is held indoors and will run in all weather conditions unless it’s dangerous.

If dangerous weather so happens e.g flash flooding, cyclonic weather etc. the event will be cancelled and drafted for another weekend.