1. All displays will be allowed at the discretion of the event organiser.

2. The content of displays must be of a suitable nature for such an event.

3. No subletting or multiple occupancy displays will be allowed without the organiser’s prior permission.

4. Current public liability insurance must be carried by every exhibitor.

A copy of your insurance is required via email to the event coordinator upon application booking form.  

5. A non-refundable 50% deposit of site must be paid at the time of booking to secure your space. 

6. Site fees are to be paid in full by the 1st July 2020.

7. Exhibitors will not be permitted to set up if any part of the site fee is unpaid.

If any payment is not made by the Exhibitor strictly in accordance by 1st July 2020, all monies payable will be immediately due and payable, and the Organiser may in its absolute discretion without the requirement to give prior notice and without limiting its rights, terminate this Exhibition Contract and resell or otherwise use the space allocated to the Exhibitor. In such event the Exhibitor:

a. must reimburse the Organiser’s costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly as a result of such failure to pay, on demand by the organiser; and

b. in the event of termination is not entitled to refund of any monies paid in respect of this Exhibition Contract, and must immediately pay to the Organiser as a genuine pre-estimate of the loss and damage incurred by the Organiser, all monies owing as at the date of termination, plus the next instalment amount which was otherwise due for payment by the Exhibitor.

8. Site fees are not refundable unless the organiser manages to sell the said site.

9.The Pup Cup reserves the right to alter or adjust any details or organization relating to the event without notice or prior warning being given to the exhibitor.

10. Exhibitors are permitted to bring their canines to the event however must be up to date with vaccinations, parasite control and must be well socialized with people (of all ages) and other animals. They must be secure and are your responsibility. 

11. The Exhibitor must not damage the floor, walls, fixtures, fittings or any other part of the Exhibition venue including any part occupied by the Exhibitor and any common access, egress or other areas.

 12. The Exhibitor must comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances applicable to the holding of the Exhibition and/or to any activity conducted by the Exhibitor at the Exhibition, including all rules and regulations of the Exhibition venue and any other regulatory or government body, and must discharge and indemnifies the Organiser from all liability for debts and other sums payable by the Exhibitor or any of the Exhibitor’s officers, employees, agents, contractors or invitees (all “its Personnel”) relating to its participation in the Exhibition.

13.  The Exhibitor must keep the Exhibitor’s Space clean and tidy to the satisfaction of the Organiser and must not leave rubbish or other material in the Exhibition venue.

14. No lottery, raffle, guessing game, game of chance, or side- show may be conducted in the Exhibitor’s Space or elsewhere by the Exhibitor or its Personnel in the Exhibition venue without the consent of the Organiser.

15. The Exhibitor must not make use of any microphone, sound amplification or musical instrument nor cook or serve any food or beverage, without the prior written consent of the Organiser.

16. No electrical work may be undertaken by or on behalf of an Exhibitor without the prior consent of the Organiser, which consent may (but need not) only be granted on the basis that the work will be performed by a qualified electrical contractor approved by the Organiser.

17. The Exhibitor must not in connection with participation in the Exhibition, infringe any law or any person’s intellectual property rights or do anything which is defamatory, libellous or otherwise actionable.

18. The Organiser may, in its absolute discretion, refuse an Exhibitor Application, cancel this or any Exhibition Contract, relocate and Exhibitor’s Space, and/or amend the Exhibition floor plan at any time in the interests of maximising the 

success of the Exhibition, and the Exhibitor acknowledges that it may not receive its preference for space.

19. The Organiser may, in its absolute discretion, postpone or change the dates for the holding of the Exhibition, shorten or lengthen the duration of the Exhibition, change the hours during which the Exhibition is open to the public or change the venue of the Exhibition.

20. The Organiser may deny the Exhibitor and/or its Personnel entry to the Exhibition and/or Exhibition venue if the Exhibitor has not complied with all terms of this Exhibition Contract and may require the Exhibitor to remove or stop display or demonstration or close any exhibit which in the opinion of the Organiser is creating a disturbance to the Exhibition or is unlawful, unsafe, unhygienic or not in the interests of the Exhibition.

21. The Organiser does not warrant or guarantee, and specifically excludes any liability to the Exhibitor to the extent permitted at law, in relation to;

a.any difference between the estimated and actual number of visitors to the Exhibition;

b. any difference between the estimated and actual number of exhibitors or sponsors, or the identity of exhibitors or sponsors at the Exhibition.

c. time or quantity of services, or failure or deficiency in the provision of services which at the responsibility of the Exhibition venue and/or its appointed contractors.

d. cancellation, postponement, part time opening or relocation of the Exhibition, or of any entertainment, seminar or speaker program scheduled to run in conjunction with the Exhibition, or the failure of any particular speaker to appear at the Exhibition or related entertainment, seminar or speaker program; and/or

e. any event or circumstance outside the Organiser’s control which impacts upon, prevents or limits the operation of the Exhibition or the performance of the Organiser’s obligations under this Exhibition Contract.

22. The Exhibitor agrees that its participation in the Exhibition is wholly at its own risk (including risk to property and persons), the Organiser is not responsible or liable for the safety or security of the property of the Exhibitor or its Personnel or of any person, and the Organiser to the extent permitted by law;

a.excludes all terms, conditions and warranties implied by law or otherwise; and

b. excludes liability for any indirect, special, economic or consequential loss or damage, loss of revenue, profit, goodwill, bargain, opportunity, or anticipated savings, incurred or suffered by the Exhibitor, in relation to the Exhibitor’s participation in the Exhibition or any activity contemplated by this Exhibition Contract. However no part of this clause 20 excludes the Organiser’s liability under any applicable statutory guarantee.

23. Copying the ideas and work of other stallholders may be in breach of creative copyright and is not in the spirit of the event. Any grievances need to be directed specifically to the relevant stallholders. The Pup Cup Dog Grooming Competition & Expo takes no responsibility in determining copyright legality.

24. Please ensure you read through the following information and websites to make sure your products comply with Australian Safety Standards www.productsafety.gov.au   
25. You are responsible for your own product safety and the onus is on you as a stallholder

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