Entrant classes 



A groomer who has less than 3 years experience in grooming. Any person who has been or is a bather/brusher technician for more than 3 years but has used grooming equipment for under 3 years still qualifies as a intermediate. A intermediate groomer must move up to the Open class when they have 3 years or more experience or have won at Novice or Intermediate level competing against 2 or more competitors. This applies to each class competed in.


Groomers who have won a Novice or Intermediate Class with 2 or more competitors or have over 3 years’ experience are to compete in this class.
Intermediate groomers can voluntarily choose to compete in this class as well. An open groomer must move up to Masters when they have won at this level competing against 2 or more competitors or if they have won a best in group placing. This applies to each class competed in.



This class is for groomers who have previously won in the Open Class with 2 or more competitors, or voluntarily choose this class to compete in.

Those who are or have partaken in representing a country in GroomTeam are to compete in this class.

Master Groomers are only permitted to compete in Open level when they have not competed at a previous competition in that category e.g Purebred Scissor prior. 

Best in Groups placings will be awarded to all classes except:

  • Mutt Makeover (Open to all levels - No Best in Group)

  • Model Dog (Two parts - Traditional & Modern, No Best in Group)

  • Creative (Two levels - Intermediate and Open, No Best in Group)

*Creative Grooming Competitors: Those who have placed previously in the creative class, whether be 3rd, 2nd or 1st place are to compete in Open. 



The winners of Gundog, Purebred Scissor, Coarse Coat and Poodle will compete for RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW AND BEST IN SHOW on Saturday 17th August 2019 at 1645

We welcome dog show handlers, breeders and exhibitors to enter - please email coffspupcup@gmail.com to determine which level of expertise to enter in.