Where & When?

The Pup Cup will be held at:

RED-C, Jordan Esplanade, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 on Saturday 1st August and Sunday 2nd August 2020.

The Pup Cup Dog Grooming Competition is the only one of it's kind, uniting professional dog groomers, dog enthusiasts and those with domestic animals that consider them part of the family. We encourage all pet groomers to get involved whether in the ring or outside. 

Competitions are the best place to meet with like minded souls, put your skills to the test and learn from the judge's valuable critiques. 

About the host

The host is Jazz Fitzgerald who is a born local of Coffs Harbour as well as a passionate and enthusiastic Dog Groomer. Having participated in previous dog grooming events and attended pet expos, she had the inspiration to hold one in her beautiful home town. With help and suggestions from other passionate groomers the Pup Cup was born! 

This event isn’t just a competition or expo; it’s about giving everyone the opportunity to network within our wonderful and growing industry.


FREE - Parking is available on site to competitors and the public.

*Please note that parking at the grounds is open to the elements.

event features

Dog Grooming Competition

A display of live grooming and sculpting by professional groomers that will give people the chance to get inspired about the art, importance and skills of dog grooming.

Public Presentations 

Welcoming local and interstate pet industry experts to guide the public about the importance of pet health and wellbeing. 

We invite stallholders to present their best sellers, new products and perform live demonstrations. 

A full schedule of presentations will be available soon. 

Shopping Opportunity

A fantastic selection of pet goodies will be on display and available for purchase across the event. 

We invite local and interstate stallholders to attend.

Stallholder applications will be open soon.