1. All displays will be allowed at the discretion of the event organiser.

  2. The content of displays must be of a suitable nature for such an event.

  3. No subletting or multiple occupancy displays will be allowed without the organiser’s prior permission.

  4. Current public liability insurance must be carried by every exhibitor. A copy of your insurance is required upon the application booking form. 

  5. We will not chase payment for unpaid stallholder fees as we would like to spend this time on marketing and promoting the event. If you book and do not pay for your site within 7 days your site will be allocated to another stallholder.

  6. You are responsible for your products and security of your stall.

  7.  A non-refundable 50% deposit of site must be paid at the time of booking to secure your space. 

  8. Site fees are to be paid in full by the 1st July 2020.

  9. If there is any damage caused due to negligence by the stallholder you will have to pay any costs associated to Red - C Events.

  10. Copying the ideas and work of other stallholders may be in breach of creative copyright and is not in the spirit of the event. Any grievances need to be directed specifically to the relevant stallholders. The Pup Cup Dog Grooming Competition & Expo takes no responsibility in determining copyright legality.

  11. Stallholders are responsible for leaving their site and surrounding area clean & tidy from rubbish, etc. 

  12. Stallholders must confine their displays and signs to the stall site and keep pathways clear for patrons as per insurance policy requirements.

  13. It is the responsibility of the stall holder to ensure they conform to any Australian standards pertaining to their product. The Pup Cup Dog Grooming Competition & Expo will not be held accountable for any trademark or copyright or safety infringement.

  14. Stalls must not pack up until the advertised closing time.

  15. The Pup Cup Dog Grooming Competition & Expo has the right to withdraw the right to trade of any stallholder in dispute with us. Trade will be only reinstated if the dispute is resolved to our satisfaction.

  16. Once you have unloaded and unpacked we ask that you move your vehicle to the nearby car park. Packup will occur no earlier than 430pm both days unless under organiser’s permission.

  17. All booked sites will be allocated 2 weeks prior to the event. If you have any special requests you will need to email coffspupcup@gmail.com

  18. There are no site changes permitted on the day of the event.

  19. Please ensure you read through the following information and websites to make sure your products comply with Australian Safety Standards www.productsafety.gov.au   
    You are responsible for your own product safety and the onus is on you as a stallholder

  20. View more information for market stallholders & business